eXenia Point of Sale Solutions

eXenia has a suite of POS Solutions that help you to manage your service offerings for hospitality industry.

eXenia POS offers unique browser based solution to manage restaurants, bars, minibars, in-house dining, mini mart(retails or souvenir shops), laundry, salon and spa.

ePOS supports touch screens and routing of orders to difference kitchens for KOT printing.

ePOS (F&B)

ePOS is designed for restaurant management and aims at increasing efficiency,  reducing service time, and optimizing resources.


ePOS is flexible and supports easy configuration.

Increases Efficiency

The staff will be able to complete tasks more effectively and efficiently and this leads to quick services. Human error is reduced because of implementation of the digital process that ensures real-time communication with kitchen staff.

Optimized Inventory and Waste Mitigation:

The Inventory and stock management module keep track of the actual inventory and ingredients available so as to avoid wastage of materials and theft.  Alerts can be configured for high-value perishables.

Customer Preferences

During order taking, customer preferences are captured so that the kitchen staff knows exactly what is ordered by the customers.

Topography View

Allows easy management of the restaurant, based on the status of each table.  Status of each table is easily discerned through color legend and meaningful icon depiction.

Rich Real-time Reporting:

A number of real-time reports deliver meaningful insights.

Key Differentiators

  • Platform-independent application
  • Easy and flexible order (Table x to Table y) movement
  • Table Grouping
  • Bill Generation and payment
  • Multiple inventories connected with Single POS
  • Ability to view multiple restaurants through the web browser


The eSpa Module supports activities related to the management of the SPA and GYM within the hotel facility. It is also connected with the front office module.

  • Guest Scheduling for both Single and Group Reservations
  • Handles both lodging and non- lodging guests
  • Yield and Revenue management
  • Multiple payment options: Credit & Debit Card Payment, Loyalty Redemption, Cash, Voucher Redemption, Bill to Room

eMini Bar

eMinibar is an intuitive and easy to use  POS solution that helps to easily track minibar consumption. It ensures that minibar items are tracked and billed correctly.

It ensures that there are no more revenue losses and complaints from guests. It also ensures that expired products aren’t offered. Over billing will be  stopped and avoided. It also ensures that there are no more reconciliation issues.

  • No more Revenue Loss
  • No complaints from Guests
  • No Overbilling
  • No more Reconciliation Issues


eGolf, an online based POS System that tracks members and non-members. eGolf is able to capture the requirement of buggy, no of holes and is a revenue capture system.


eRetail is a solution for souvenir shop (or) minimart in hotels. The UI is simple and very easy to use and integrated with restaurant POS.

Non-lodging guests are able to purchase using flexible payment options.

You can also have a standalone version of eRetail for your retail shops.

  • Apparel & Clothing Shop
  • Footwear Shop
  • Books & Publications Store
  • Mobile & Computer Shop
  • Salon & Cosmetics Store
  • Machinery Shop
  • Food & Fruit Shop
  • Gift Article & Toy Shop
  • Luggage & Bags Store
eRetail POS


  • Barcode / Ticket Scanning
  • Online Ticketing
  • Secure Payment Options


eLaundry is integrated to the POS. It helps the laundry manager to track the items received from guests and capture the revenue to ensure appropriate billing.

The standalone version of eLaundry also available for your laundry business.


Our eSalon POS  is an in-house solution for hotels. It is a completely secure and easy to use point of sale solution that helps to track lodging guesting and ensures revenue from salon is captured accurately.

The standalone version of eSalon also available for independent salon business.


eBanquet is integrated to the POS. It helps to manage your banquet halls bookings and capture the revenue to ensure appropriate billing.

The standalone version of eBanquet also available for your business.