eXenia Kiosk (Self Check-in/Checkout Solution)

eXenia Kiosk

eXenia Kiosk is an intuitive self-service touch screen Kiosk that is the state of the art solution designed to speed up check-in/check-out process.

The IR intuitive touch screen ensures great customer experience.

The Kiosk comes built-in with embedded passport scanner, high-resolution camera and digital sign pad to ensure a completely paperless experience.

Kiosk is the great way to go green and we encourage the use of e-documents to save the mother earth.

Our Kiosk is WiFi enabled and has a unique heat sync design that does not require Air Conditioners.

eXenia Kiosk is a self-service hotel solution with vibrant and easy to use user-interface that helps in check-in and checkout at hotels.

Key highlights of eXenia Kiosk

  • WiFi Enabled
  • Heat Sink Design
  • IR Sensitive Touch-screen Display
  • Embedded Passport Scanner with OCR
  • High-Resolution Camera for image capture
  • Digital Signature Enabled
  • Easy Integration with your hotel management solution
eXenia Kiosk Hotel Solution